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Ursa: A Folk Musical

January 29, 2024 Luisa Lyons Season 1 Episode 76
Filmed Live Musicals
Ursa: A Folk Musical
Show Notes

Host Luisa Lyons chats with Sam Boer, co-founder of The Uncommon Folk Collective and one of the composers behind Ursa: A Folk Musical, a theatre-concert hybrid that received its world premier in 2022 as part of the Toronto Fringe NextStage Festival. 

In this episode, learn about learn about the Uncommon Folk Collective, and delve into the process of developing Ursa: A Folk Musical. Hear about the daunting process of filming the musical for the Toronto Fringe NextStage Festival, and the importance of funding and recording new musicals. 

Sam Boer is a musician, writer, and theatre practitioner. He and Jake Schindler co-founded The Uncommon Folk Collective: a group dedicated to crafting music-forward theatre experiences. Their first original show, Ursa: A Folk Musical, was praised by The Guardian as a "winning, foot-tapping account of grizzly adolescence" and has been presented through the Toronto Fringe’s NextStage Festival, the Stratford Festival’s online streaming platform, the Kingston Grand Theatre, and Tweed & Company Theatre. Sam also records off-kilter folk music under the name Samson Wrote. His debut album Pigeon (2019), garnered a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination and led to tours across Canada and Europe.


The Uncommon Folk Collective: 

Ursa: A Folk Musical

Samson Wrote

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