Filmed Live Musicals

IFT Network with Jay Cruz

April 20, 2023 Luisa Lyons Season 1 Episode 60
Filmed Live Musicals
IFT Network with Jay Cruz
Show Notes

Host Luisa Lyons chats with Jay Cruz, entrepreneur, marketing executive, and CEO and founder of the Indie Film Theater Network, or IFT Network.

Jay shares his journey to working in the world of theatre, IFT’s three pronged approach to streaming theatre - including a writing room, production and marketing, and streaming, and insights into the making of filmed theatre.

Jay Cruz is an Award Winning Advertising Marketing Executive (ADWEEK: HBO 2010), and Customer Service Expert. He has produced Independent Films, Off-Broadway Theater, and Various Themed Shows and Live Events. As the CEO/Founder of IFT Network, Jay is dedicated to empowering Independent Filmmakers & Theater Producers around the globe. “My passion is creating new and exciting original experiences, while creating opportunities for diverse, and talented people.”

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