Filmed Live Musicals

Velvet Determination with Cynthia Shaw

November 03, 2022 Cynthia Shaw Season 1 Episode 49
Filmed Live Musicals
Velvet Determination with Cynthia Shaw
Show Notes

Host Luisa Lyons chats with Cynthia Shaw, an actor, singer, and classical pianist whose one woman show Velvet Determination is currently available to stream on demand. 

Tune in to hear about how Cynthia came to play the piano, music practice, the inspiration behind her one woman show, folding pianos, and the importance of making art. 

Cynthia grew up playing classical piano in a tiny Colorado town, but she was determined to achieve the keys to success by attending a prestigious New York City music school. In her autobiographical solo show, Cynthia shares tuneful tales of battling inner demons and nutty neighbours, hitting wrong notes, enduring hard knocks and meeting unique Manhattan characters who inspire, help and sometimes hinder her journey to Carnegie Hall, all illustrated by virtuoso live piano performance. 

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